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St. Felix Catholic School

St. Felix
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English At St Felix

At St Felix, we believe that a child’s desire to read for pleasure and information will support them to speak and write fluently, so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others. We believe that there is something for every child to enjoy reading. In order for children to enjoy learning across the curriculum it is paramount that children learn to read fluently with a thorough understanding of what they have read. With a focus on ambitious texts being read independently by the children as well as being read aloud to them, they will encounter new language and knowledge.

Within the English curriculum the children:

  • Will read high quality, well-chosen texts from a diverse range of authors, illustrators, genres and forms, as well as exceptional illustrations. This will allow the children to see themselves reflected in what they read and to have the opportunity to investigate other lives, worlds and perspectives.
  • Will be engaged in high quality phonics daily teaching. Phonics is the teaching of letters and the sounds that they represent. Children will learn to read competently and spell accurately as well as facilitating a love of reading
  • Will listen to adults reading aloud regularly each week
  • Will have access to book areas that are exciting and attractive
  • Will be given time and space to enjoy books independently and with adults
  • Will have regular opportunities planned into curriculum time each week to talk about books
  • Will use a range of strategies to explore stories in more detail
  • Will develop their drama and performance skills
  • Will be taught spelling, grammar and punctuation explicitly
  • Will read aloud to an adult regularly and be assessed regularly
  • Will take home a reading book every day 
  • Will learn to write using a cursive script
  • In line with the DfE revised core criteria for defining an effective phonics programme children will “practise by reading texts which are entirely decodeable for them, so that they experience success and learn to rely on phonemic strategies”. We organise our reading books in line with the Nelson Thornes PM Benchmark reading scheme. Emergent readers have access to Big Cat phonics, Songbirds and Bug Club Phonics books. Once children are more competent they will have access to Big Cat books, Lighthouse and Nelson Thornes PM books.

Recommended Reading List

Follow the link to the recommended reading list for Key Stage 2

Parents Reading Advice

How to support your child’s reading