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St. Felix Catholic School

St. Felix
Catholic School

About Our School

About Our School

St Felix is situated on the west side of Haverhill in Suffolk on a large open site.  We have been open for nearly 50 years, and celebrated our Golden Jubilee in May 2023.

The History of our school

The need for a Catholic school in the town was recognised by an active group of parents from St Felix parish. They worked to raise money, and with the help of the Diocese of East Anglia and the local authority, St Felix was opened in 1973. The school was blessed by Bishop Alan Clark and Sister Columba was the first Head Teacher.

Our school today

St Felix continues to educate the children of the parish in the Catholic Faith. The strong Christian ethos also attracts many other parents in the town who value this choice and want the same for their children.

Since 1973 the school has grown in size and undergone rebuilding in many phases! This year we are updating our kitchen facilities

We have a large site and the children enjoy using the huge field, wild areas and our woodland 

The Foundation stage, Nursery and Reception, are part of the main school but have their own entrance and play areas. This means that the very youngest of children quickly become part of our school but feel safe and happy in their stimulating and busy classrooms.

Key Stage 1 – year 1 and 2 classes are situated in the main building allowing the teachers and children to work closely together. The children are used to learning and playing in the large classrooms and the open corridor  areas. They have access to a suite of iPads to extend their digital leaning across the curriculum.

Key Stage 2 is made up of 5 classes and works in two phases – years 3 and 4 in the lower key stage 2 and years 5 and 6 in upper key stage 2.  Year 3 is situated in the main building.

The older children have their own building, purpose built in 2010 with shared learning areas and a beautiful  studio. This is available for all the children to use for music lessons and is often used for clubs, parent meetings and other events shared across the key stage.

Class teachers are responsible for the children’s welfare and delivery of the curriculum. Work is planned jointly, in Key Stage Teams of the class teachers with close liaison, communication and support from our teaching assistant team. During planning, Key Stage Teams share the preparation of work, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well-matched to meet the needs of the children.  In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of a large staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching here at St Felix.