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St. Felix Catholic School

St. Felix
Catholic School


Executive Headteacher
Mrs. C. Clark

Head of School
Mrs. A. Dodds     Designated Safeguarding Lead / RE Lead/ Mental Health Lead 


Mrs. K. Bryan

Teaching Staff

Mrs. T. Naylor – Butterworth (Foundation Stage - Reception) Alternate Safeguarding Lead / Early Years Leader Parent Partnership Lead/ Design and Technology Lead

Miss S. Chambers – Murphy (Foundation Stage - Nursery) PE and Computing Lead

Mrs. L. Garwood – Inkpen (Year 1) Geography Lead / Forest Schools Lead/ Skillsbuilder Lead

Mrs. S. Call – Inkpen  (Year 1) History Lead

Mrs. D. Teixeira – Potter (Year 1/2) Computing Lead – Maternity Leave

Mrs. C. Curr  - Potter ( Year 1/2) Maternity Cover / Phonics Lead 

Mrs. C. Shirm -  Donaldson (Year 2) – KS1 Leader / Music Lead / MFL Lead 

Mrs. C. Bowyer– Donaldson (Year 2) – EVC

Mrs. T. Anderson – Riddell (Years 3 and 4) Science Leader/ Online Safety Lead / Ministry Team Lead

Mr. D. Wolmarans – Lewis (Year 4) Pupil Premium Leader / PSHE Lead

Mrs. T. Graham – Morpugo (Year 5) Art Lead

Mrs. M. Hopkins – Horowitz (Year 5) Joint Literacy Lead

Mrs. H Hands – Horowitz (Year 5) Joint Literacy Lead

Miss M Murray – Rowling (Year 6) KS2 Leader / Maths Lead / Assessment Lead

Teaching Assistants and HLTAs

Mrs. D. Boreham

Mrs. P. Harriss

Mrs. N. Heffron

Mrs. Z. Kelleher

Mrs. G. Mills

Mrs. L. Newnes – HLTA

Mrs. S. Rose

Mrs. P. Shrestha

Mrs. S. Shrimpton

Mrs. S. Spiers – HLTA

Mrs. A. Start

Mrs. T. Wolmarans

Mrs. A. Williams

Mrs. L. Watson