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St. Felix Catholic School

St. Felix
Catholic School

Need to Read Winners

The winners were Donaldson Class with every child reading all four books! A total of 120 reads.

On World Book Day, the Reading Leaders set a challenge for the classes to read the four new books they were given that day by the end of term. Today they went around the school to check on the progress of the pupils.

The winning class was Donaldson Y2 with 120/120 reads;

Lewis Class Y4 51/72 reads;

Horowitz Y5/6 56/116 reads;

Riddell Class Y3 33/76 reads;

Dahl Class Y4 45/120 reads;

Murphy Nursery 26/80 reads; 

Inkpen Y1 and Rowling Y6 27/120 reads;

Butterworth Reception 20/120 reads.

And the last word is from Isabel, one of our Reading Leaders. "The need to read has not gone away just because the competition has finished."