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St. Felix Catholic School

St. Felix
Catholic School

Reading for Pleasure

Adolescents entering the adult world in the 21st century will read and write more than at any other time in human history.

This morning was an opportunity for parents to find out more about the reading for pleasure strategy at St Felix and why this is so important.

Mrs Dodds shared the recommendations from Ofsted and the DfE about the importance of children enjoying reading because of its impact across the whole curriculum including maths. Children are reading for pleasure less now than they did when The National Literacy Trust began asking them in 2005.

This can be reversed by an effective reading culture in school and at home.

Do children have a reading role model at home?

Are they encouraged to read as a shared family habit?

Within school, every class now holds a weekly Book Club to celebrate children's reading opinions.

Parents had the chance to see some of these in action and find out more about reading in school. They also had the chance to talk books over a coffee and biscuit in the Book Cafe and take home a new book to read that night. Many thanks to Amanda Williams at Get Suffolk Reading for her support with this.

A great morning full of reading energy - thanks to all who took part.