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St. Felix Catholic School

St. Felix
Catholic School

What goes up!

How does a rocket get to space?

Children in Key Stage 1 are finding out about rockets, space and gravity in their topic, Flying High

Today they had to see who had enough "puff" to move a straw along the string to simulate a rocket overcoming the effects of gravity. There were plenty of willing volunteers who felt they could move the straw but the "rocket" would not move!

To demonstrate that the air propulsion was a force which could be greater than gravity, Mrs Curr attached an inflated balloon and finally success. The force of the air could move the straw along the string.

This is one part of a day of rocket launches and chemical reactions to demonstrate that some forces can exceed the force of gravity.

Kien in Year 1 could explain that the air in the bottle could make a "mouse" fly when he pushed the sides. He demonstrated that pushing harder made it fly higher.

"You can see everything in a rocket when you work like this because it is fun," he said.