The Teaching of Mathematics at St Felix

Mathematics is highly valued. At St. Felix we recognise the importance of mathematics as a life skill.  Therefore, high quality mathematics teaching takes place daily in school. Provision in school is in-line with the new National Curriculum focusing on developing:

  • fluency;
  • problem solving;
  • reasoning.

St. Felix prioritises the mastery of Mathematics skills. This means that we understand that children learn best once they have secured and consolidated concepts. We ensure children grapple with challenging skills and contexts, ensuring that learning is extended by depth of cognitive skills, rather than covering content for older ages.

Further to this, the school successfully leads and follows the Mathematics Mastery programme. This approach to mathematics is currently taught from Reception to Year 6. Mathematics Mastery is built on the following principles to develop problem solving:

  • develop mathematical thinking: children are encouraged to question, compare and generalise;
  • develop mathematical language: children use accurate and precise terminology and spoken and written language is prioritised;
  • develop a deep conceptual understanding: children use concrete objects, pictorial representations and number to master mathematical concepts, making connections between their learning.

Following the success in Mathematics Mastery, many of the elements of Mathematics Mastery are applied throughout all Mathematics provision at St. Felix.