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The government have been very clear in their advice that the safest place for all people, including children, is at home.

St Felix RC Primary School is closed indefinitely.

We reopened on Monday 23rd March as a child care facility for the children of defined Key/Critical Workers and some children with EHCP plans ONLY if they are unable to find any other alternative childcare options (including other parent/family member/friend).

The provision will operate between 8.45am and 3.15pm Monday – Friday

We are still the same St Felix community, even in these unpredictable times. We are delivering our learning guidance through a thematic curriculum both in and out of school. Please see Learning Page – Home Learning and Learning Links. These will be populated gradually.

These are only guidelines; as parents there will be a vast difference in the time, inclination and expertise you can provide. The most important advice I can offer is don’t worry – you can only do your best. One simple aspiration for this period is to find, understand and use 1 new word every day. Finding them can be a regular daily activity and you can use these in other tasks including charades, handwriting, spelling and grammar. The more words a child knows the better:

One of the key indicators of students’ success in school, and indeed, in life, is their vocabulary. The reason for this is simply that the knowledge anyone has about a topic is based on the vocabulary of that information (Marzano & Pickering, 2005).

Have a learning timetable at home to split up the day and make sure you cover a range of topics and activities. Reading is available in many ways both online and through the books you have at home.

Before this all began the children wrote a prayer which I have slightly modified but which is still perfectly pitched for the weeks ahead.

St Felix School Prayer

Dear Lord,

There are many challenges in the world at the moment including coronavirus and we need to remember that not everyone is as Snug as a Bug.

We pray that God will guide us through the strife of this world,

Help us to make the right choices and bring something good in to the world.

We ask God for the strength we need to be the best version of us;

To influence others to work together in love for those for most affected by events.


Stay well, stay safe and stay at home,

Mrs A Dodds
Head of School

House Points

St Elizabeth St Francis St Peter St Catherine
Week 13.3.20 89 101 87 70
Total 2207 2077 2214 1865

Requests for Copies:
Parents may request a paper copy of the information on our school website at no cost.