EYFS Home Learning

Week 17: Aepsop’s Fables – The Ant and the Grasshopper

This is our last week of our Home Learning Journey and we hope that you have enjoyed the activities and made the most of your time at home. We would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy summer holidays and look forward to welcoming you all back in September.

Week 16: Aesop’s Fables – The Mouse and the Lion

Welcome to week 16. This week we are learning all about the Fable the Mouse and the Lion. We hope you enjoy.

Week 15: Aesop’s Fables – The Tortoise and the Hare

Welcome to week 15. This week all the suggested activities are based on the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare”. We hope you enjoy them.

Week 14: Journey with the Pirates

Having been to the beach last week, we thought we’d keep with the nautical theme and go on a journey with the pirates this week. We hope that you enjoy.

Week 13: Journey to the beach

Last week we took a journey into space. This week we thought we go somewhere a bit closer to home. As the sun is shining, we though we would take a trip to the seaside this week, so grab your bucket and spade and dive in!

Week 12: Journeys

Good morning and welcome to Week 12. We know that many of you are now back in school, but for those of you still at home, we will continue to plan activities for you. We will no longer be setting feedback tasks, but will still be setting sharing tasks. So remember to take photos of what you have been doing and send them in to the school office.

Week 9: Food and Farming

Good morning and welcome to Week 9. Our theme this week is Food and Farming. We hope that you will enjoy different activities that we have suggested. Thank you so much to those of you who have sent work into school. We love to see what you have been doing, so please keep sending in your pictures.

Week 8: Vehicles and Transport

Welcome to week 8. We hope that you had fun last week making your models and repeating patterns. Thank you to those who sent in their examples and pictures of lockdown. We are carrying on with our theme of vehicles this week. Keep sending us in your pictures of what you are getting up to at home.

Week 7: Vehicles

This week we are moving on to a new topic which is all about vehicles and transport. As it is only a 4-day week this week, we will be continuing with this theme next week as well.

Week 6: Under the Sea and Water

We are continuing with our Under the Sea theme this week, but adding in some more watery ideas. You will see that we have also added in a Sharing and a Feedback task. A separate Parentmail has gone out to explain this in more detail. We hope that you enjoy these watery tasks.

Week 5: Under the Sea

Welcome back after the Easter break! We hope that you are ready for the new term and looking forwards to lots of great learning opportunities.

Our theme this week is Under the Sea, so time to go and explore the undersea kingdom.

Week 2: Spring

Welcome to week 2. Our theme this week is Spring, so time to get out into the garden and look for the signs of Spring that are all around us.

Below are some ideas and suggestions for things that you can do at home.