Forest School at St Felix

We are very lucky to have our very own Forest School on site here at St Felix, as well as a trained specialist Forest School Leader and Forest School Assistant as members of staff. Forest School is well established at St Felix and we will soon be beginning our Fourth year, with all of the Reception children attending weekly throughout the seasons.

What are Forest Schools?

Forest schools began in Scandinavia and have been developing in areas of the UK for the last few years. In a Forest School children play and learn outdoors in a natural environment, in most weathers.

Why is there a Forest School at St Felix?

Many children learn best outdoors and benefit from the child-led learning available at Forest School. Children can use the skills they learn in Forest School when they are learning inside the classroom too.

Forest Schools helps children to:

  • Have the confidence to try new things.
  • Set goals and feel proud when they achieve them.
  • Be determined and persevere.
  • Learn new words and how to explain things clearly.
  • Keep fit and strong.
  • Learn how to work in a team and to be happy working alone.

Where is the Forest School based?

We are very lucky at St Felix to have a small area of woodland on the school site, so the children will be able come to school as normal in the morning and easily walk to Forest School at the start of the session.

What do the children do at Forest School?

The children lead their own exploration in Forest School and so every session and every child’s experience differs. At Forest School children often choose to: dig, run,  jump in muddy puddles, climb trees, saw fallen branches, make mud pies, collect sticks, swing on branches or the rope swing, cook on the fire, make up their own games, build dens, look for creatures and many, many other things!

How do I find out more?

If you have any further questions about Forest School please speak to Mrs Robertson (aka Willow), our Forest School Assistant, Mrs Boreham (aka BeeBee) or your child’s class teacher.