Executive Headteacher

Mrs. J. Sandvig


Head of School

Mrs. A. Dodds     Designated Safeguarding Lead / Joint RE Leader/ Assessment Leader / Pupil Premium Leader


Teaching Staff

Mrs. T. Naylor – Murphy (Foundation Stage) Alternate Safeguarding Lead / Early Years Leader Parent Partnership Leader/ Design and Technology Leader

Miss S. Chambers – Butterworth (Foundation Stage)  Joint Maths and PE Leader


Mrs. L. Garwood – Inkpen (Year 1) Geography Leader / Forest Schools Leader

Mrs. S. Plowman – Inkpen (Year 1) Joint Literacy Leader

Mrs. D. Vickerage – Potter (Years 1 and 2) Joint DT Leader

Mrs. H. Hands – Donaldson (Year 2) Joint Literacy Leader

Mrs. S. Call – Donaldson (Year 2) Joint Maths and PE Leader

Mrs. T. Graham – Dahl (Year 3) Art Leader

Mrs. T. Anderson – Riddell (Years 3 and 4) Science Leader/ Online Safety Lead / EVC

Mr. D. Wolmarans – Lewis (Year 4) Pastoral Leader / PSHCE Leader


Mrs C. Bowyer – Morpugo (Year 5) History Leader

Mrs. P. Walker – Morpugo (Year 5) Alternate Safeguarding Lead / Joint RE Leader / Liturgy Team Member

Mrs. C. Shirm – Horowitz (Years 5 and 6) Key Stage 2 Leader / MFL Team Leader / Music Leader

Mrs. M. Hopkins – Horowitz/Rowling (Years 5 and 6) Computing Lead

Mrs. C. Bergin – Rowling (Year 6) SENDCo


Teaching Assistants and HLTAs

Mrs. D. Boreham

Mrs. S. Foreman

Mrs. P. Harriss

Mrs. N. Heffron

Mrs. Z. Kelleher

Mrs. A. McAuley

Mrs. G. Mills

Mrs. L. Newnes – HLTA

Mrs. S. Rose

Mrs. P. Shrestha

Mrs. S. Shrimpton

Mrs. S. Spiers – HLTA, Liturgy Team Member

Mrs. A. Start

Mrs. T. Wolmarans

Mrs. A. Williams

Mrs. L. Watson